Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On Writing, Editing, Submitting, and the Crossing of Fingers

I recently heard news of a summer writing contest via The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog . . . Ever  . I thought to myself Why not? What's the worst that can happen? Rejection . . .

First, I did a little research at the online journal, reading recent fiction, and getting a feel for the type of stories they publish. Then I had to dig way back into 2004, where I actually completed a few things and find something with a similar feel as the stories I had read. After much reading, editing, re-reading, and even more editing, I was at least somewhat satisfied with one of my pieces. With the hard work done, I jumped head first into submission.

It was easy. Just a click of the attach button and there it was:  my first submission for publication.  Now with heart racing and fingers crossed I'll wait impatiently for news from the writing powers that be.

If any of you brave writer souls are willing to hold your breath with me for the next month, you can enter here.


  1. can't wait to hear that you won! either way, keep up the writing. it's fun.


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