Monday, May 31, 2010

Coming of Age: 11

The prompt for this upcoming week's [fiction friday] is "A coming of age tale."  Hoping to get an early start, I started writing early this morning.  The piece I'm working on is way too long for a simple fiction friday post, so I decided to post it day by day.  The story is titled Jenny and it's written in sections based on Jenny's age.  I'll post the first one here today and then continue until posting the thrust of the story on Friday as my fiction friday entry. Follow along if you like.  I would love any constructive criticism or comments.



The loud speaker blares across Jenny's quiet classroom, "Attention fifth grade teachers. Please send all fifth grade girls to the multipurpose room." Jenny looks up from the book she's reading, The Babysitter's Club #15: Little Miss Stonybrook . . . and Dawn, and wonders what could be waiting in the multipurpose room.  Filing into the room with all the other girls, Jenny sees that the projector is sitting in the center and the large screen is pulled down at the front of the room.  Mrs. Thatcher, the principle, quiets the girls and explains that they will be watching a short film. She hits the light switch and stands guard at the double doors.

The projector roars to life and the words “Your Changing Body” flash across the screen.  Jenny watches intently as cartoon drawings of intimate body parts are displayed.  Her face turns red at the technical terms for the parts of her body that, until now, have been known simply as “private.”  Jenny fights the urge to giggle and tries not to catch the eyes of the other girls.  The film concludes with detailed instructions on using maxi pads.  As the lights come back on, the girls begin to whisper and giggle.

“Alright girls, back to class,” Mrs. Thatcher says.

Walking back to her classroom, Jenny overhears Amber Penn boasting that her mom told her she would start soon. 

“I’m an early bloomer,” Amber says.

Jenny frowns and furrows her brow, eager to get back to the book she was reading.