Sunday, December 18, 2011


Please bear with me through another writing exercise as I try to take another step toward writing on a regular basis.  Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.

This exercise involves observing people and writing a quick, but detailed description of individual faces.

1.  Long grayed-blonde hair. Thick cheeks droop, creating two folds that descend from the sunken corners of the mouth. An expressionless mouth. Lips taunt in two straight lines. Sad, tired eyes, magnified behind thick-lensed glasses, the rims of which are made of a cheap beige plastic.

2.  In profile, his rubbery chin protrudes just a breath beyond his nose. Small, dark eyes set deep within their wrinkled sockets. Skin the texture of leather, turned a burnt orange hue by the sun. Tufts of dry, dark hair stick-out from and old black sock hat. One matted tuft encircling each ear and a third wider tuft protruding from the base of his neck. He wears a gruff, but nonthreatening expression.  When his parched lips open, I can see that his his teeth are too small for his mouth.

3. Full and soft. Dark thick lashes, browned eyelids. Pink lips to match the fruity-colored tee. A small pudgy nose draws the other features together like the center button on an overstuffed throw pillow. Eyebrows plucked and shaped into two soft peaks. Hair styled to look like she just rolled out of bed. Wide, bright blue eyes. A hesitation in her smile reveals that she doesn't know she is beautiful.

4.  This one really doesn't fix her hair, unless you count the twisted purple band scooping the fine blonde hair from the nape of her neck. Stray wisps dance around her face. Rosy freckled skin. Pen perched between thin lips. The underlying bones create a high cheek and bluntly-pointed chin. The line of her nose creates a concave surface. Light green eyes seem to blink in slow-motion. Thin. So thin that you wonder who she resembles, before you realize the familiarity is in the skeletal look of her face.