Friday, October 15, 2010

Tess: A Fiction Friday Series I

This week's [Fiction] Friday prompt from Write Anything: What is your Character's Very Mild Superpower? They even provided a song for inspiration.

Tess: A Fiction Friday Series I
Very Mild Superpowers

“I told you I have a knack for these things.” Tess eyed the thick band of white elastic showing beneath Trey’s unfastened pants. “I pegged you for briefs the second you walked into the bar.”
“I’m amazed. When exactly did you discover this superpower?”

Tess tossed her blonde hair over her left shoulder. She tapped the toe of her stilletto on the sticky, wet pavement. She wasn’t surprised to find the alley behind the bar empty. She looked toward 2nd street. Nothing but the overflowing dumpster and some scattered pallets. She spun around to check the other direction. All clear. Just a flickering street lamp and several festering puddles. Along the alley walls the once red bricks had become tarnished with soot and grime. She turned back to see Trey fumbling with the button at his fly.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Tess stepped through the putrid water at her feet forcing Trey back against the brick wall. She leaned into him. “Why don’t you let me help with that? Looks like you’re having a bit of trouble.”

A half smile appeared on his face. His eyes were starting to glaze over and his movements were becoming stilted.

“Alrigh’ baby,” he slurred.

Tess smiled. She slid her hands down his chest, snaked her hand into his pants, and pulled the zipper down. Trey let out a quiet moan. This was always her favorite part. His eyes rolled back in his head. Tess leaned into him, pressing her body the full length of his. His body began to sag against hers and she had to use all her strength to ease him down to the ground. She straightened her legs and stepped back.

She stood over him, his legs sprawled out across the dirty asphalt and his arms hanging useless at his sides. One hand lay halfway covered in the water. Tess watched as a soggy cigarette butt circled his fingers and came to rest in the hollow between his thumb and forefinger. His eyelids closed and his head rolled sideways. It rested awkwardly on his shoulder and a strand of drool seeped from the corner of his mouth.

Tess opened her handbag. Finding anything in there was always a chore and the dim orange light of the street lamps wasn’t helping. She pushed the pill bottle aside, fumbled with a few pens and a tube of lipstick, and finally grasped the  knife at the bottom of the bag. She squatted down in front of him, feeling a draft as her skirt rode up the back of her thighs. Chill bumps came up on her bare arms and a shiver ran the length of her spine.

She didn’t take the time to unknot his tie. Instead she loosened it a bit and threw it over his shoulder. She deftly unbuttoned his stylish dress shirt and yanked it open. Tess ran the knife over his pale skin, tracing the limp muscles across his chest, leaving thin tracks of bloods. She used the tip of the knife to draw the outline of a heart in the center of his chest. It reminded her of the valentine Billy Thomas had given her in fifth grade. A clumsy heart cut from red construction paper. The words Be Mine scrawled across the front.

Tess gripped the knife in both hands, reared back, and plunged it into his chest. Blood sprayed across her face. She blinked until a droplet freed itself from her eyelashes. She pulled the knife out and watched the blood gush from the wound. She looked up at his motionless face, his smooth jaw, square chin, and high cheekbones. She ran the back of her hand over his cheek admiring the freshly-shaven skin. She used her thumb to wipe a spot of blood from his strong brow.

Tess stood up, her legs cramping a bit from holding the same position. She wrapped the bloody knife in a tissue before sliding it back into her handbag. She yanked down on her skirt and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Stepping over his sprawled leg, Tess took a cleansing breath and followed the alley out to 2nd Street.

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